"Enjoying jesus so much that we are compelled to help people love jesus, live like jesus, and lead others to jesus."


The local church has been labeled a lot of things: boring, irrelvant, hypocritical and far worse.  Some of it is deserved but much of it comes from a misperception of what Jesus was all about.  In simple terms, our vision for Redemption is very clear: create a community of Jesus followers that both skeptics and believers would actually want to hang out with - give people a reason to live, not just rules to live by.  We want people who wouldn't typically dawn the doors of a church to walk in and say, "wow, this is nothing like what I assumed".  We want to create a community of people that actually live and love like Jesus because we truly believe Him to be something worth following.

If we are ever going to impact culture with the truth of the Gospel then we have to be willing to structure our church in a way that provides a different answer. As you look throughout the life of Jesus, nothing about him was safe, compartmentalized or apathetic. In fact, just the opposite. He called people to a radical life of risk, to embody the Gospel at every moment and to live like a family rooted in the love of God. This truth has shaped the core values that make Redemption what it is. The core values of Redemption come directly out of Mark 1:17 - And Jesus said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” (ESV) where Jesus calls his disciples to follow Him into a radical life of everyday, Gospel-living mission.  The days of checking a "religious box" on Sunday need to end.  It is never what Jesus intended for His church.  It's not all that flashy but it is what Jesus was all about.  We invite you to live with us in the same way. 

Weekly services at 10:00am

2373 7th Avenue NE

Owatonna, MN

We gather together for worship and Bible teaching every Sunday at 10:00am in Owatonna, MN.  

We strive to be a joy-filled, life-giving place that helps people take their next step towards Jesus; so they can change the way people think about church and family; and live out their identity as God’s sons and daughters.

At Redemption Church are doors are wide open to people from all backgrounds, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey.  We would love to have you join us for a service!


Redemption Kids meets during each service for ages 5 months to 5th grade. Redemption Kids learn about Jesus in interactive, fun and age-appropriate ways using a Bible-based curriculum called The Gospel Project. This curriculum walks kids through the entire Bible as one big story over the course of 3 years, showing how it all points to Jesus!