Christian and Erica kohs - Pastor

Christian and Erica are passionate about God’s work through the local church and have spent the last decade serving in pastoral ministry in a variety of capacities ranging from church planting to  missionary work. They have lived and ministered in many contexts including Southern MN and the Pacific Northwest.  Christian and Erica have been married for 11 years now and have two little men in training.   Christian is passionate about seeing people meet Jesus, teaching the Bible, connecting within the community and seeing people encounter the radical love and grace of God in Jesus.

Kali Shae - worship Leader

Kali is so excited to be a part of this church family!  Kali is passionate about raising her two kids to be children of God and is grateful for a supportive church family.  Kali has shown her love for Christ by participating on worship teams in the past and is excited about serving the local church in her new role of leadership.  Kali believes that music is able to bring us into a deeper presence with God and a greater awe of God.  Kali believes that music and the arts are a way that we can say things we sometimes can't find the words for when it comes to the things of God.  "We worship God, because that's what were made to do!"