Our Simple Approach

  Family Gatherings.  We intentionally get together to connect, share stories, see people baptized, hear the Bible preached, sing songs,  live life together, be a family and lead people into a relationship with Jesus; while engaging with others and having fun! 

House Groups. We believe that big results come from the life change that happens in intentional community. Redemption exists so that people will meet Jesus and then grow in their relationship with him and others.  Studies show people need to belong before they believe and we want to create a space where this is possible.  We strive to have pockets of people serving their neighborhoods across the area with people living life together Monday through Saturday as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Crash Course. Our Crash Course is created to help people grow in their relationships with Jesus, while actually being the Church and using their spiritual gifts! From the initial point of salvation to serving in life-changing ministry, we will lead people step-by-step from redemption to growth and into a fulfilling role at Redemption Church.

Growth Groups.  We intentionally gather into small groups of gender specific groups each week to dive into a deep relationship  and discipleship with a few.  Through Bible Study, Prayer, Confession and Friendship we focus on the spiritual disciplines needed to live on mission Monday - Saturday.